What is Display? Display Social Network

What is Display Social? Display App Review 2021.

Tsu Social have decided to have a re-brand who are now know as Display. Although this is an extremely strange name for a social networking app, the functionality is the same as it was with regards to users being paid to post original content. Everyone that posts on Facebook or Instagram is an influencer and everyone deserves the right to be able to monetize their content. What is Display Social you ask…? Our Display App review 2021 will go through features and information of the platform to answer the question…

The difference with this new Social platform, It claims to be “The Social That Pays”! Making it the first Social media platform that pays its content creators revenue for the content they create.
If you are not already part of Display, click here to join the new Social platform that monetizes regular people and their content. Just let them know CashReview sent you.

So… People are asking, “What is Display?”, “Is Display A Scam?” and “Can you make money from Display?” My Display network Review – i will go through the Display app features, Pro’s and the Con’s of the platform

What is Display?
How do you make money on Display?
What features does the Display App have?
Daily post limit
Recently Added Features
What are the Pro’s & Con’s?

Display Support and How to Get Verified
My Display Review.

Display Network

“The Social That Pays”

What is Display?

Tsu social was once a social media platform back in 2014 when it was originally launched by Sebastian Sobczak but was closed down in 2016. He wanted to create an app that pays its users to create original content. However, there were speculations to its downfall from legal disputes with Facebook who were complaining that its users were spamming to recruit members. The sudden disappearance of this has made people wonder, Is Tsu a Scam?

In 2019 Tsū was acquired by the intellectual property advisory firm Hilco Streambank and relaunched with Chief Innovation Officer John Acunto at the helm. Having now raised over $19,000,000 through a series of 5 funding rounds. The Tsū app definitely looks like they are here to stay!
January 2021, Tsū Social announce the partnership with Atlanta-based full-service talent, artist management, label and music distribution company The BluePrint Group. The Blueprint Group has invested $5 million in an initiative to distribute among creators who actively support the Tsū platform.
With the new sustainable business model, the platform would now share 50% of the revenue created back to the users.

The idea behind Tsu is to be able to give back to the content creators! When advertisers pay Tsu, the content creator earns 50% of the revenue made. As well as, being able to easily access an affiliate program with Amazon. The Social that pays has began the process of allowing the content creators share products. The creator recieves 50% of the affiliate commissions from products sold!

Their three core pillars are:

  • Awarding content creators based on an ad revenue
  • Enabling commerce at the point of discovery via a personalized storefront
  • Providing tools that inspire content creation

Celebrity Backing

This new venture has definately caught the attention of a lot of celebrity figures. American rapper Lil Nas X and American singer, songwriter Brandy Norwood.
Tiki Barber, former NY Giants running back, cited Tsū as a “great platform” to put the new NCAA rules to use. Adding, “Tsū enables influencers of all kinds to have the ability to monetize their own content and brands”. Tiki Barber went on to say that, “Tsū is creating a platform that gives all users access to brand partnership, by sharing in ad revenue, providing storefronts and more.” Who himself is helping to promote the platform with such promotions like the up and coming SuperBowl 2021 The Tsū Social Media Platform Live Streams the Super Bowl February 7th!

Tiki Barber went on to say that Tsū is creating a platform that gives all users access to brand partnership, by sharing in ad revenue, providing storefronts and more.

The platform has just finished the Alpha phase of testing, which ended Autumn 2020. And the Social that pays now boasts has an impressive 200,000 people on the platform.

Tsu social platform benefits affiliate revenue earn What is Tsu

How do i make money on Display Social? The Social that pays!

There are a few different of earning money on this app that pays. what is Display social? “The Social that pays”

So how exactly do you earn money on Display?

  1. Your Timeline or Feed:
    When scrolling through your Display feed, you will notice that after every three photos, you will see an advert. The three photos after before the advert will split equally the revenue made from the advert.
    So for example, if the advert created $1 in revenue, Display Social takes 50% equally 50 cents. Then the remaining 50 cents get split between the three photos equally.
  2. Communities –
    As with the above, it is the same with communities. Adverts will be shown after every 3 photos within a community.
  3. A User’s Profile by clicking on their posts, photos, and videos.
    As with number 1, Adverts are shown in both your home timeline feed and your own personal feed when people look at your profile. When you scroll down, you will see that one advert runs for every 3 posts. So, 50% of the revenue from a given advert goes to Display, and 50% goes to the creators of the 3 posts that you see before each advert.
  4. The Support Me Button
    In every creator’s post, including Exclusive ones, you will see the Like, Comment and Share buttons on the bottom left and the Support Me button on the bottom right. When you click on another creator’s Support Me button, an advert will pop up and the money generated from that advert will also be shared. 50% goes to Display and 50% to the content creator you just supported. So, the time you spend clicking on the Support Me button turns into dollars for another creator and they can do the same for you!
  5. Whilst the Display app is still new, they have given current Display users the opportunity to earn 10% of whatever their referrals earn.

How do you make money on TSŪ? – Spanish – ¿VEN GANA CON TSŪ?
How do you make money on TSŪ? – Portuguese – COMO GANHAR NO TSŪ?
How do you make money on TSŪ? – Italian – COME SI GUADAGNA SU TSŪ?
How do you make money on TSŪ? – French – COMMENT GAGNER SUR TSŪ?

Display Social App Features

Available for iOS and Android devices, main features include:

  • Profiles – similar to other social media sites, a Display “Profile” allows the user to upload photos and videos, friend/ follow, post, create a bio and promote personal websites.  It also allows users to promote their profiles on other social media sites.
  • Communities – Communities are ways for Display users to communicate and exchange ideas and plan and promote events.  Communities can be public or private.
  • Bank – the Display bank allows users to be paid out via Paypal.
  • Analytics (“Insights”) – In-app console that provides post engagement data to the user. Shows users what posts performed the best, incentivizing them to post more content that their audience enjoys.
  • Display Live – Display Live is Display’s built-in app-based television channel that includes several daily live-stream components.  Both the live stream and pre-recorded shows containing educational material, announcements, news and updates, and spotlight and promote Display user content through reviews and interviews. Showing off celebrity guests like Mr DJ Jazzy Jeff!
  • Support – This is where a user can support their favourite content creators by simply watching an advert. The revenue made from the advert gets paid to the content creator that you are supporting.
  • Badges – This new feature gives Display users incentives depending on the badge they receive. Gold, Platinum & Diamond badges are available.
    One of the biggest reasons for gaining a Display badge is the financial benefit.
    • Gold – 3.5% increased earning
    • Platinum – 10% increased earning.
    • Diamond – 20% increased earning.
      Click here for more info on Display Badges.
  • Display Social User Challenges – Creativity within the platform is amazing! Users create their own internal challenges that really do increase interaction between each other. Click here to see the challenges.
Display Social App Challenges – Challenges & Hashtags RethinkFIT
Display Social Challenge The Display platform ever growing, many new creative users such as the RethinkFIT initiative are bringing new and inventive ways to increase interaction of the Display user. Display Social Challenges are what brings people together and help interaction between …

Recently Added Features

Live Streaming

Display Social has bought out the long awaited Live Streaming feature. This feature has catapulted the social media platform to the next level, allowing users to stream to their followers. Similar to the features in Instagram and Facebook, being able to stream to your followers is an amazing way to interact and get to know the Display users from around the world!

Currently using the Dolby, we have seen that this streaming has bought about their own bugs and downfalls… There have been reports that on certain users mobiles, the sound has been below quality. The Display team has reassured users by stating that it may be an issue within the phones settings. This is a downfall in my eyes, as generally, user wish for an easy experience rather than having to adjust settings to use a feature. However, I myself have been using an android device and have not personally seen such issues.

The quality that has come from Display Live Streaming, considering it is worldwide is actually very good. There are minor glitching, and general it is due to the users lack of phone signal. Speaking of signal – I have found that to use the live streaming function, i do need to have relataively strong network which for me seems quite boring. A lot of the more interactive live streams that people would wish to watch, would not be in a Wifi environment, rather outside, potentially in poor signal areas.

All in all, the new feature is pretty good, but i think needs some potential tweaks to rival the other Social media platforms.

My Stuff

My Stuff amazon affiliate store

This was announced at the end of November 2020 by John Acunto and should be released very soon. It was explained as a type of E-commerce shop for yourself, where you can promote things from Amazon within the Display platform. users will earn 50% of the money made from the Amazon affiliate program.
Currently this feature has been rolled out to a few hundred users. Hopefully, this will allow any glitches or issues to be sorted before it is sent to everyone.

I have been fortunate enough to be chosen to test this new “My Stuff” marketplace.
I think the feature is great, however, i do see there may be a lot of work to be done. Firstly, the products that are available seem to only be available for the United States. They need to create more of a universal platform in order for this to work well. Secondly, i foresee a lot of spam going to happen when everyone is able to use the feature. You are able to ‘Share’ your own shop to your profile, so i determine that a lot of people will be hitting that share button in the hopes of making sales. This may make the platform a little annoying.
However… for people that have used Amazon affiliates before, this will come as an amazing feature! Adding items to your store is extremely easy!

Display Social App Limit

These are the limits of what you can do every 24 hours:

  • 500 supports
  • 12 shares + 12 posts

24 posts (however – a share counts as a post)
So if you do not #share a photo, you can post 24 times, if you shared 5 times, you can only post 19 times etc.

These limits reset at 00:00 GMT.

Also other limits for your content:

  • 10 hashtags (per post)
  • 10 friend tags (per post)

A glitch that is yet to be fixed, you are able to increase the limit of friend tags, as long as you add an emoji before the tag. I am unsure if the friend you tagged receives a notification though. I am also unsure as to how many tags you could do using this glitch. My maximum was 18.


Bank Balance The App that Pays
  • Straight off the bat, being able to earn money from posting content as you would on any of the main social media platforms is obviously one of the biggest Pro’s to this Social App.
  • Being able to support your favourite content creators i think is a great add on to the platform. It is just an added bonus to your income.
  • Currently, Display is offering a 10% invite bonus. What this means is that a user will earn 10% from their referrals on top of their original earnings.
  • Display is open to pretty much every country in the world, bar the usual suspects like North Korea.
  • Withdrawal minimum is set at $15, whereas, previously was set to $100. Generally speaking, $15 is not difficult to reach.
  • I feel seeing a breakdown of not only your daily earnings, but within the insight tab, being able to see what content does well, and what doesn’t.
  • Seeing the interaction between users is fantastic! Challenges created by users for users really creates an amazing feel unlike other social platforms.
  • Display Social are continuing to bring out new ways of promoting events to the users to increase their online earnings really showing that this is the social that pays!


  • Being able to only withdraw via PayPal is quite a large con in a lot of areas in the world, since PayPal is actually banned in places like Turkey.
  • Spam can get quite irritating, where people beg for support and shares, but these people can easily be blocked so you can get around these issues.
  • OK, so this con is only a con for those that are after a “Get Rich Quick Scheme”. Display is definitely not this! Firstly, when you first start Display, you are literally earning pennies. However, as with all social media platforms, you grow quickly. Even the most successful users on the platform, are only earning maybe $1-2 per day. (Still more than Facebook pays).
  • It seems extremely difficult to stop copyright infringement, meaning a lot of people do steal photos and post as their own, which for me is annoying!
  • This con is hopefully a con that can be fixed very soon. With considerations of still being in Beta testing, there are currently a LOT of bugs within the app. However, with coming app updates, bugs are being fixed, so hopefully these will become fewer and fewer.

What is Display Social verified, and how do I get a Display verified account?

If you are already part of the Display Social community, then you may have seen some people with a tick next to their name. This tick signifies that the account next to the tick has been verified. Account verification is used as a way for people to not have their accounts copied, similar to what Instagram has. If you are a business or a public figure, you can apply here to get your account verified.

Display Support

If you are having issues or problem within the app, click here for their contact support. Generally i have reported certain bugs and issues, and they do respond to the issue within a few days in order to get to the bottom of the problem.

The Display Advisory Board is also a good point of call for anyone with suggestions on growing the platform. The reasoning behind creating the TAB was to essentially have a bridge between the users on the platform and the Display team themselves. Since the Display team are somewhat busy building the app, having the committee of users that use the app daily and speak to users daily is perfect.

Display App Store Review 2021

What is the reason for the low play store rating? Is the Display app a scam? Is Display legit to use?
The only reason for the Display app to have such a low review rating is due to the fact it being still in beta phase of testing. Being still in beta, there is still quite a lot of testing and bugs. For some reason, people do not understand this! Some people join Display, see a bug here and there then automatically give the Display app review of a poor rating. This does somewhat deter people thinking of Display being a scam.
The more people that actually join and see the potential, the Display app review will definitely be rising!
The Display app is legit. Display is not a scam! However, it is not a “get rich quick” scheme! Be patient and earn.

What is Display Social? My Display review 2021

Paypal Tsu payment proof
Social that pays, Display app payment proof

Is Display a Scam? No…

After spending the last few months on the new Display app, I believe that they are still in their early days. There are definitely a lot of good things about the app and their is a lot of potential within the app. However, i can confirm that it is definitely ‘The Social that Pays’.

The bugs within the Display App are extremely annoying! However, they do seem to get fixed pretty quick! But if you are someone that gets stressed on glitching platforms, i would maybe wait a few months for the tech team to work out all issues.
I am not too much of a fan of the Display My Stuff, but hopeful it will improve later on in the app lifespan.
Already after a few months, my earnings are as shown here. However, if you are not looking to make millions, you enjoy creating original content, and you enjoy making new friends? I definitely do recommend joining Display Social.

If this has at all helped you in any way – Register now using this link. Just let them know CashReview sent you.

Green thumb up for earning app
Is Display A Scam? Display Review

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