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Tsu Lottery – LOTSŪ Lottery Contest

Tsu Lottery has arrived to your contest feed!! This initiative created by users of Tsu is a lottery made by the people to reward the people! Keep reading to find out how you as a content creator can join the Tsu Social Lottery, and how you can win some amazing prizes!
If you are not already on Tsu, click here to register free! Or here to read my review on Tsu.

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Tsu Social – LOTSŪ Lottery Contest Results

As with any lottery, you will need to check your own tickets!
Check your entries to January Tsu Social Lottery. If you have the winning numbers, inform any of the Lottery organizers by commenting in any of their posts. The tickets will be double checked and prizes will commence Monday the first of February.

Check all previous Lotsu Lottery results and winners here.

What is LOTSŪ Bingo

This amazing idea came from a group of Tsu veterans. The idea behind this Tsu challenge is to increase interaction between one and other by offering certain rewards. However, unlike general lotteries, the users are rewarded with Tsupports and exposure to the wider platform.

As with any Lottery/Bingo game, you choose 5 numbers between 1-90. 10 numbers are then drawn from an online random generator. If your numbers are picked… You win!

Tsu Bingo

It has already created a whirlwind of excitement throughout the platform, giving people inspiration to post original content and interact with other amazing Tsu Creators!

How To Enter The Contest

During the duration of the challenge, Tsū creators will have to post an original post (plagiarism will straight up be disqualified). Then choose and embed 5 numbers (between 01 to 90) in each picture they post. There is no limit in the number of pictures Tsū creators can post, (the more posts you make, the higher is your chance to win), always provided that the 5 numbers are inside each picture, not in the text of the posts. There is no limit to entries.

When Can You Join

Competition entry begins every first Monday of every month. Entrants will then have five days to enter their entries when the competition entry phase ends midnight on Friday UTC.
@Minos84 will do a live on Saturday and will call 15 numbers using an online random picking machine.

Remember… It is strictly down to Tsū creators to inform the organizers if they have won, by COMMENTING IN THEIR POST WITH THE WINNING NUMBERS.

Prizes will be given starting the following Monday, so make sure you inform the Tsu organizers ASAP.

Tsu Bingo PRIZES!

Tsu Bingo

🥇FIRST PLACE – All Tsū creators whose 5 numbers are called will win:
A total of 500 supports given by the organisers of LOTSŪ and 1 share a day from each organiser of LOTSŪ for 3 consecutive days.

🥈SECOND PLACE – All Tsū creators whose 4 numbers are called will win:
1 share a day from each organiser of LOTSŪ for 3 consecutive days.

🥉THIRD PLACE All Tsū creators whose 3 numbers are called will win:
A total of 100 supports given by the organisers of LOTSŪ.

Requirements For Entry

Example Post
Example Post

In order for each entry to be considered valid, Tsū Creators must EMBED the 5 numbers (between 01 to 90) inside each picture they post, not in the text of the posts. Also, they must ADD #LoTsuNY2021 and TAG the organisers of the contest as follows, copy and paste from HERE if it’s easier:

🤑Win 33 Shares and Hundreds of Tsupports with LOTSŪ!🤑#LoTsuJanuary2021
And Happy Tsū Year from:


Only posts abiding by the conditions stated in REQUIREMENTS will qualify for the challenge.
Posts made after midnight Friday UCT will not qualify for the challenge.
Tsū Creators that replace the tags with different usernames other than those of the organisers (as clearly mentioned in the REQUIREMENTS) of the contest, not only will they be excluded from the contest but are also liable for perpetrating misleading and false information.
The organisers of LOTSŪ are not liable if creators post content found in breach of the Terms and Conditions of Tsū.
The organisers of LOTSŪ are not liable for any content found in copyright infringement.
In case a large number of Tsū creators win the prizes, the organisers of LOTSŪ reserve the right to award the prizes within fourteen (14) days from the time at which they are awarded.

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