The Social Universe – Tsu Live TV Recurring Segments

One thing that sets Tsu Social apart from any and all other social media platforms is the ingenious idea to have their own TV channel! From the very beginning Tsu Social has had the ability for users to tune in within the platform to watch all current updates. So rather than like other platforms, an update would have been given via an article somewhere. Tsu Live TV had the then CEO John Acunto, the current CRO Chris Emme talking to the platform announcing any and all updates that were coming to Tsu. This was an awesome idea as it made the Tsu users feel like they were, in-the-know with the platform making the Tsu app really transparent.

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It has now been almost a year since Tsu app hit our phones and as such a lot of new updates and changes have occurred. One change is how Tsu Live TV works. Now rather than having a show once a week to let the users know about all the updates. It has now turned more into an “actual” TV channel whereby the now Tsu Live presenter Sarah Pribis takes us through daily shows!

Sarah brings on users from Tsu to showcase their work and lets everyone know who they are! It is fantastic to see regular people showcasing their work to the platform and seeing some amazing content!

As well as Sarah hosting content creators, Tsu Live TV have weekly segments being played every day! Here is a list of TV shows for The Social Universe.

Time Zones

Time zones are current time of where you are. The times for the shows are all in UST (New York) time.


11:40 AM EST – Around the World with Curious Pavel @Curiouspavel

12:55 PM EST – Make-up Mondays with Ildiko Mc Bride @ildikousa


11:40 AM EST – Kettlebell Kickboxing with Jodi Barrett @KBKBCANADA

12:15 PM EST – In the Kitchen with Keisha Luke @KeishaNutrition

12:55 PM EST – What’s it Like? with Helen Goldstein @yoginihelen 


10:30 AM EST – Running it Back with Tiki Barber @TikiBarber

11:40 AM EST – Mental Skills with Tony Priddle @TonyPriddle

12:55 PM EST – Wildlife Wednesdays with Heather King @theeowlqueen


12:15 PM EST – RETHINK FIT with Jeffrey Kippel and Mindy Blackstien  @jeffreykippel  and @heymindheart

12:55 PM EST – Social Media Futures with Andréa Raquel  @sugarfreecoach


11:40 AM EST – Fashion Fridays with Jessica Young @Jessica_ Young_Model

5:00 PM EST – Fight Night with Dewey Cooper @1Coach_DeweyCooper

6:00 PM EST – Living Legacies with Cathy Hood @cathyjhood

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