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To celebrate not only the internationally celebrated season ‘Valentines Day’, but all around the world, people are getting their fancy dress up in preparation for carnivals! Some of the most popular carnivals you may have heard of are those in Rio de Janeiro, Venice, which is a festival held every year before Lent. With this, the Tsu Challengers have devised a new challenge that encorporates the party time of carnival and the love of Valentines. Tsu Carnival in Love.

Win 36 SHARES and 500 SUPPORTS with TSŪ CARNIVAL IN LOVE! – #TsuCarnivalinLove

The top 3 most successful posts from 3 different Tsū creators will win 36 SHARES for 3 consecutive days and a total of 500 SUPPORTS.
For most successful posts, we mean those 3 posts with the highest SCORE: 1 LIKE equals to 1 POINT, 1 SHARE equals to 2 POINTS.
This time, the #TsuChallengers team wants your opinion! To win, Tsū creators will have to prove the whole Tsū community how passionate, truthful, and creative their original content is. MAXIMUM OF 3 ENTRIES PER TSŪ CREATORS ARE ALLOWED. BEGGING AND SPAMMING OTHER CREATORS FOR LIKES AND SHARES WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.
Competition begins NOW and ends Friday 17th February at midnight UTC.

To enter you must post an “Original” photo (plagiarism will straight up be disqualified) of at least one of the following themes: carnivals around the world, fantasy, drag queen make-up/dresses, and love for your significant other!

Friday the 19th February, @Minos84 will do a live streaming on Tsū and soon after, TSŪ CARNIVAL IN LOVE’s organisers will make a post showing the 3 winning pictures. If you miss the live streaming, don’t worry, you can re-watch it here (@panky will add it to the page and send me the link after) or by clicking the link in organisers’ BIO.
Prizes will be given starting Monday the 20th February. The organisers of TSŪ CARNIVAL IN LOVE reserve the right to award the prizes within fourteen (14) days from the time at which they are awarded.

Within the post, you must also copy and paste the following:

My entry for TSŪ CARNIVAL IN LOVE, #TsuCarnivalinLove is:
https @panky ‘s link
originalcontent #tsu #tsulive #tsuview #tsufamily #carnival #makeup

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