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TSŪ Bear Travels The World With Tsu Social

Tsu Social is a new social media platform that arrived to the world in 2020. The platform is host to hundreds of thousands of creative content creators from every continent on the planet! Tsu Bear was created by Cash Review to travel to world via content creators on the platform! Norwegian traveler Gunnar Garfors is the first person to have visited every country in the world, however, we are looking at the first teddy bear to do the same!
Stay tuned to see where Tsu Bear visits next! Also keep an eye out on Social media platforms for #TsuBear

What is Tsu?

Check our previous articles about the social that pays its users to post original content.

Tsu Bear World Map

Interactive map – Click on the coloured parts of the map for more information.

Tsu Social, Tsu Bear Selfie with a beautiful backdrop of a river

With the aid of users of Tsu Social, Tsu Bear will hopefully get to travel the world, seeing places that most of us will only dream of seeing. Tsu Social (the social that pays) is host to hundreds of thousands of users across the globe! First location on the menu is the United Kingdom with Panky & Pandora83.

Absolutely amazing time down in the South of England, so many sites seen! Travelling up the country, Tsu Bear travels to Manchester to see the more Northern parts of the country. Tsu Socials travel guide for this will be Meg (@Meg1) Sit tight!

Continuing up the country to the border of Scotland and England, Tsu Bear finds himself a new drinking partner in Carlisle. Mark (@discardtheraft) shows Tsu Bear a great time!

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