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  • Tsu Bear Travels With theeowlqueen & SFRail
    Tsu Bear has gone International!!!! After his drunken time with Meg and Mark in England, Tsu Bear made his way across the Atlantic to Canada where he met up with @theeowlqueen (Heather) & @SFRail (Steve). For those who do not know what Tsu Social is, check this article for What Is Tsu Social to get the down-low of the new social media platform. The platform, similar to Instagram, allows users the opportunity to earn money for their content making this the Social that pays. Tsu Bear Arrives in Quebec, Canada After having such an easy time with Mark (@discardtheraft), he …

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Finding ways of making money online can be a mine field with the amount of scams that are currently circulating. Cash Review plays with platforms that “Apparently” let you make money money online, and give our honest opinion on the platform, saving you from wasted efforts!

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    After a long awaited few years, Tsu has finally arrived! “The Social that pays” has relaunched! Social media is starting to move forward, where you do not need to be a celebrity or a well known influencer to earn money. Everyone that posts on Facebook or Instagram is an influencer in one way or another and everyone deserves the right to be able to monetize their content.
  • What is WowApp? WowApp Review
    Absolutely millions of people have downloaded the messenger apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and even Snapchat. However, none of these offer any type of monetization! But what is WowApp?? What is WowApp? “Earn-Share-Do Good“ WowApp is a unique platform where a user can not only earn money with …

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